I’m Nick. I build web-apps, websites, and iPhone/iPad apps.

Usually, I’m off in a land of programming or music. I thrive on solving complex programming problems and challenges. I am fluent in languages such as Objective C, PHP, Python, SQL, SQLite, Bash Script, Powershell, Windows Batch, Javascript, and jQuery. I tend to listen to a lot of Alternative and Indie music, such as Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals, Darwin Deez, Radiohead, The Smiths, Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend, and Two Door Cinema Club. Occasionally I’ll jump in the deep end and run away to some electronic or hip hop such as Flume or Bliss n Eso. You can see more of this on my last.fm profile.

When i’m not programming, i’m most likely in a world of sandboxes, ensuring my web appliances don’t conflict.

My works

I’ve worked on countless little things over the years, honestly, too many to list. Here are a few of my featured personal projects:

  • Listy for iOS (Active and Running)
  • NWRestful - PHP REST framework with built in object model management. Easy and quick to get up and running (Active and Running)
  • SiriProxyGui for Linux (Retired, Still Available)
  • NWPi – Objective Framework wrapper for PyGame – Basic re-write of Cocoa. (Active)
  • zAuth (Retired, Still Available)
  • LockWeather (Retired, Still Available)
  • oImageBoard (Retired)
  • Track N Trace (Active and Running)
  • AnoNet OSX (Running, no server – personal adaptations only)

Public/Paid works:

  • L Plater for iOS - Collaborative programming and algorithms development of V2.

You’re interested?

If you want me to contract with you, or you simply just find me interesting, feel free to email me, or tweet me.