Due to the large response to the initial release of PlaylistGrabber, I have quickly revised some of the UI and functionality to bring it up to scratch with user expectations.


  • Added App Icon (Green iTunes yeah close enough)
  • You can now select a playlist by clicking the entire row, not just the checkbox
  • PlaylistGrabber now remembers what playlists you selected last time
  • You can save your progress of playlist selection by pressing “Save Selected”
  • PlaylistGrabber now remembers what XML File you last used. Quick and Easy Startup.
  • PlaylistGrabber skips copying files that already exist in the destination (good if you’re using a cloud service). It will however re-generate M3U Files so you will get playlist updates.
  • Tableview now has pretty icons
  • Tableview nests items inside folders at their level as depicted within itunes. Wish i could indent the icon too.
  • “About” window updated.
  • Auto build incrementing (current release is build 110)
  • Automatically quits app on window close.

Things I’d Like it to do better

  • Nest icons for folder indentation levels
  • Delete songs when a playlist is de-selected. This could prove quite tricky

I’m pretty happy with what I have achieved over the few hours I’ve worked on this project. And after all, I’ve learnt how to program for Mac OSX.

You can obtain the source and self-compile here.