Horray, what a brilliant time of year.

Tomorrow I will be sitting my first of many exams in my time at uni. Since finishing High School I haven’t really done any proper study, so sitting down and forcing myself to put pen to paper and practise math is getting a bit frustrating. I’ve found myself procrastinating and somehow doing things that are not study – such as eating…

Anyway, in the midst of procrastination, I have managed to somehow go shopping. (online shopping lol).

Over the weekend I decided I would use my old RaspBerry Pi to create a quadcopter. On Monday I ordered all the parts, such as ESC’s (Electronic Speed Controllers – they convert PWM to a big electric current for the energy sucking motors), Motors, Batteries, and electronic components such as a gyro/accelerometer/magnometer and a barometer/temperature/altitude meter. These will all connect to the RaspBerry Pi via I2C (I squared C).

So far, although I haven’t even recieved anything in the mail, just the process of gathering parts has taught me so much – Mostly in the electronics, like understanding that I won’t be able to get enough power out of using a standard speed control IC chip, and instead will need a ESC to give power to the motors.

As the project continues, I will continue to blog about the progress and all sorts of the things relating to the project. One stage I am particularly looking forward to within the project is developing a PID software to do the balance of the drone.

In other news, I also managed to buy a Galaxy S5. This does mean that I will be ditching my iPhone 5. Bye bye apple. :’)