So, as shown in my previous post, my app ‘Listy’ was recently approved on the app store. The initial release had a bug for all iOS5 users, causing it to crash, but I released version 1.02 to fix this.

Anyways, 2 weeks later (when I should be studying for my HSC IPT/IT), the project has become so appealing to work on. I’m learning so much through this. The latest version I’m working on (Version 1.03), has been modified to work on iPhone as well as iPad, better customisation of lists, it’s quicker, it’s easier to use, and uses CoreData. 

If you take a look at the following screenshots, you can see the new interface elements, such as being able to ‘star’ items on a list. At the present time I’m working on allowing lists to be customised to specific user needs, ie – allowing them to choose what they are sorted by, allowing priorities of items, or to create a traditional to-do list. You can now edit items on the list, and depending on the sort of list you set up initially, you can attach geolocations, longer descriptions, links, and images. You can also choose who gets to see the list, determined by the email address you enter for the user. A much more private way of sharing lists.

As this new version uses CoreData, the syncing methods are going to be a challenge on the server side, especially with shared lists. I’ll work it out, but this next release could be months away.

As for my own personal education – boy have I learnt a lot. I’m still learning ObjC, self taught, just like all my other languages, but as I do more advanced things, I understand the concepts as a whole. For example, the custom star button, I implemented a delegate method to tell the parent controller that the star had been checked and needed to update and save CoreData. I’ve also learnt CoreData, how to open records, and modify – and in turn, this actually allowed me to understand the concept of pointers*. It’s all so much magic. It’s all hard work, but it’s really what I love doing.